Life’s too short not to eat great food. So if you love great taste combinations made from honest ingredients, let The Good Taste Company® soups, specialty dips, hummus and Double-Ups add a burst of pleasure to your day.


It’s 1990. A revolution is gaining momentum in Kiwi kitchens around the country. Meat and three veg is giving way to more adventurous tastes and flavours inspired by international cuisine. Chef Jonathon Bisley answers the call for pre-prepared, great tasting, restaurant quality products and The Good Taste Company® is born. It starts with delicious chilled soups, then in 2009 the La Bonne Cuisine™ range of quality dips and hummus joins the line-up … and the rest, as they say, is history.


We believe in the goodness of real food.

Food made from good, honest ingredients just tastes better. And great tasting food is one of life’s real pleasures. So if, for any reason, your Good Taste experience isn’t completely enjoyable, let us know so we can put it right. The Good Taste Company®. Goodness Guaranteed

 The Good from Scratch Philosophy

The Good Taste Co. and legendary chef Michael van de Elzen have got together to create a new range of dips. After a few months experimenting in The Good Taste Co. kitchen, the ‘Good from Scratch’ range was born. 

My Great Tasting Dips are Good From Scratch

The Good Taste Co. and legendary chef Michael Van de Elzen have got together again this year to create a new range of dips that are delicious and are ‘good from scratch’. It’s a philosophy that we share with Michael Van de Elzen, the idea that food made using good honest ingredients just tastes better.

Introducing our 3 new dips

Butternut & Roasted Almond Dip - The wonderful rich flavour and natural sweetness of the butternut makes for a very moreish dip, perfectly matched with the slightly caramelised tones of the roasted almond.

Michael’s tip to make it extra smooth:  "Roasting the butternut before it goes into the dip brings out the natural sweetness, providing a rich flavour without having to add excessive sugars. Not only is this dip great on your favourite veggie platter, it also works extremely well with a cold pasta salad, roasted lamb wraps or just with toasted wholemeal pita pockets."

Avocado, Feta & Mint Dip - This is a very refreshing dip! The natural richness and the good fat of the avocado matched with a slightly salty hit from the feta and cooling flavours of mint make for a very tasty dip.

What Michael Van de Elzen says about this dip:  "My Avocado, Feta & Mint Dip is not only delicious at home on any summer platter, but it’s a real stand out when matched with BBQ fish or chicken."

Kumara & Roasted Cauliflower Hummus - Roasted cauliflower is a very important part of what makes this dip so good. Roasting brings out the favour of the cauliflower, and adds just a slight smokey favour to the dip. Paired with the rich, earthy sweetness of the kumara it makes for very versatile dip.

Michael’s food matching tip:  "I would be matching this dip to all nibble boards, but it’s also as a great match to BBQ pork, fish and spicy jerk chicken wings!"

Check out the rest of our Good from Scratch range: 

Black Bean & Beetroot Dip - Black beans are healthy and delicious, while beetroot adds an amazing flavour and colour. This dip is great served with grilled meats, fish or as a spread in your favourite burger or wrap.

Smokey White Bean & Garlic - The authentic smokey flavour with garlic is a perfect match with BBQ meats, chicken sausage rolls or chargrilled vegetables.

Good from Scratch

Good from Scratch

What does ‘Good from Scratch’ mean? It’s a personal philosophy Michael Van de Elzen has adopted and is based around using good honest ingredients in a clever way to add a bit of spunk to classic recipes.

The decision to partner with him and his ‘Good from Scratch’ aesthetic was a simple one as both our food philosophies aligned – Food made from good, honest ingredients just tastes better.

To Michael’s point, ‘Good from Scratch means just that. These dips have been created with my own recipes making them as healthy and tasty as possible’.

How it’s made

How our Black Bean & Beetroot Dip is made

Watch how Michael Van De Elzen and The Good Taste Company created the new Black Bean & Beetroot dip.


Our ‘Good from scratch’ dips are a great way make your meals even more delicious. Check out these exciting recipes ideas that Michael has put together.

Michael's Dry Rubbed Fish & Apple Slaw with Black Bean & Beetroot Dip

Just try our simple dry-spiced rub on your favourite fish fillets for a delicious meal in just 20 minutes. Serve on a bed of refreshing apple slaw and a spoonful of our delicious NEW Black Bean & Beetroot Dip!

Michael's Chicken Sausage Rolls with Smokey White Bean & Garlic Dip

Try our gourmet twist on the humble sausage roll - packed with unique ingredients such as courgette, poppy seeds and sesame seeds! So crispy and delicious served with our NEW Smokey White Bean & Garlic Dip.