Michael's Dry Rubbed Fish & Apple Slaw with Black Bean & Beetroot Dip

Just try our simple dry-spiced rub on your favourite fish fillets for a delicious meal in just 20 minutes. Serve on a bed of refreshing apple slaw and a spoonful of our delicious NEW Black Bean & Beetroot Dip!

Michael's Chicken Sausage Rolls with Smokey White Bean & Garlic Dip

Try our gourmet twist on the humble sausage roll - packed with unique ingredients such as courgette, poppy seeds and sesame seeds! So crispy and delicious served with our NEW Smokey White Bean & Garlic Dip.

Mike's Harvest Platter

Here's one of Michael Van de Elzen's favourite platter recipes! Simply choose your favourite ingredients with The Good Taste Company dips and create a delicious platter this summer.